Despite every mean-handed trick

Everyone knows what McConnell’s about

Everyone knows what McConnell’s about

A shit brain, a pig, a GOP sellout

His hands, black and blue

Prove the rumors are true

He’s a zombie or ghoul, no doubt

Inspired by this news story

Whatever the total amountI

Old man #Rudy is taking the heat

Can @POTUS show us the receipts

The choice before us is starkA mentsch or an oligarch Between #Donald and #Joe It’s clear where to goWith #POTUS our f…

The expletives that I could mutter

The remarks that our @POTUS promoted

#Trump knows that he’s bound to failSo he’s crippling the #USmail He’s refusing to spend So our freedoms will endI can’t wait to see him in Jail #SaveTheUSPS #November3rd @Limerick_News @Libericks @Mick_Limerick @Limericking @LimeriTweets @GodOfLimericks @smotus @LouC17

The #fundamentalist crowd is expectedTo work to get #Trump reelected It’s a point of belief To vote for this thief’Cause they think that he’s #Christ resurrected#Hypocrisy @Libericks @LimeriTweets @Mick_Limerick @Limericking @Limerick_News @GodOfLimericks @thegoodgodabove

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