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Roast Beef

There was an old hooker named Chariff,
Who let out a monstrous queef.
With the grace of a swan,
She said to her John,
“Does anyone else smell roast beef?”

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A crack about vanity

A vain man from North Carolina
Thought a goatee made him look all the finer.
His beard gave such grace
To his so-handsome face,
But his mouth now looks like a vagina.

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Three of mine

There once was a woman from china
who had a magnificent vagina
so sweet, never sour
the thing had the power
to make men the dinner, and the diner

There once was a bitch on the streets
who said I don’t like to eat
so if I down an ounce more
as a twenty buck whore
it’s protein without all the meat

As a girl I thought it was funny
to dress up as a playboy bunny
my dad was perplexed
that I knew about sex
hence his jackoffs were no longer sunny

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A hooker named sue

There once was a hooker named Sue,
Who filled her vagina with glue,
As she said with a grin,
If they’ll pay to get in,
Then they’ll pay to get out of it too!

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there once was a girl from Peru
who had nothing much better to do
so she sat on the stairs
and counted cunt hairs
four thousand three hundred two!

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