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Sweet Mary the Celibate

Sweet Mary wanted to stay celibate

for a man with wealth and intelligence

She ran from the alter

For balls like Gibraltar

On a dimwit hung like an elephant

Original Content

The Man From Madras

There once was a man from Madras

with balls made of flint and brass

On his wife he was rocking

And his balls were knocking

and lightning shot out of his ass.

Original Content

The girl from New Orleans

There once was a girl from New Orleans

She was as sweet as a bag full of pralines

Just like the candy

She had nuts in her panties

And without panties, her nuts were a falling

Original Content

Man from Mars

There was a man from Mars
he had Balls made of Brass
In rough sea weather
they short circuited together
and sparks came out of his Arse

Original Content

Man from Leeds

There was an old man from Leeds
who swallowed a packet of seeds
blades of grass
grew out of his arse
and his bollocks were covered in weeds.

Original Content

Chewing Gum

There once was a man from Tulare,
Who got chewing gum stuck in his nut hair.
He said I’ll just shave my sack,
Cause it will all right grow back,
Or wax it like a porn star and go bare.

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