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In Korea, a tale of dismay

In Korea, a tale of dismay,
Trash-filled balloons drift in the fray.
With each poop-filled flight,
It’s a smelly plight,
A situation, oh so cliche.

North’s antics, a stinky affair,
Sending dung through the crisp, clean air.
South’s patience wears thin,
As the odors begin,
A diplomacy gone beyond repair.

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In Louisiana’s bayou so deep

In Louisiana’s bayou so deep,
Extremists, in faith, take a leap.
Forcing kids to read,
Their beliefs, a creed,
Ignoring the law’s sacred keep.

With church and state meant to be parted,
Their actions leave many dishearted.
In textbooks, they preach,
Beyond their own reach,
Their agenda, the law has thwarted.

Yet still, they persist in their quest,
Ignoring what’s right, what’s best.
But the law stands firm,
Their zeal they must squirm,
For freedom demands this be addressed.

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Poor baby Ron

Poor baby Ron
Got another quote wrong
He tried his very best
but when put to the test
Sounded like he hit the bong

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Fuck Donald Trump

Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck You

Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck You Times Two

Fuck Donald Trump

Right In His Rump

Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck You

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A Man Named Gore

In Hollywood, a man named Gore

Whom the environmentalists all adore

Said use crops for fuel

To make taxpayers fools

Because he’s actually a farm subsidy whore

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Clinton’s Disbarment Defense

They say truth is stranger than fiction,
and slickness is rarer than friction
With Clinton we’ve found
the rules upside down–
especially with language and diction.

The latest political treatise,
American Rhapsody teases
And generates laughter
because the last chapter
proclaims Clinton talks with his penis.

Bill’s heated reaction was fleeting
when he got his gene-mapping readings
‘Cause his genes present
a brand-new defense
against his disbarment proceedings.

And in his disbarment proceedings,
this brand new defense will be pleaded
His lips will not move,
and that’s how he’ll prove
the lies were all told by his penis.

The judge in such case must be awesome
to measure such jetsam and flotsam.
That must be why
when this case is tried,
the judge in the case is a Johnson.

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Crazy Joe Biden

Joe Biden told bodacious big lies;
“I’m known for my pecker’s huge size.
I showed it to George Bush;
He took it up the tush;
And at the county fair it won the first prize.”

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