There once was a girl named Savannah

There once was a girl named Savannah
Who smoked cock like she’s from Havana
Her cunt was so snug
’twas like getting a hug
and her tits were like peaks in Montana.


11th day; month number 9:

11th day; month number 9:
With innocent lives on the line
And multitudes dead,
Trump valiantly said,
“Whew! Better their towers than mine!”


Through terrible smoke, dust, and fire

“Through terrible smoke, dust, and fire,
I worked, although others would tire.
Though many would weaken
I was a true beacon”,
Said Trump, the inveterate liar

The pastor and the cat

There was a kind pastor I knew,

Who kept a large cat in a pew.

There he taught it each week

A new letter of Greek,

But it never got further than mu.


”Our leader’s a narcissist blond

”Our leader’s a narcissist blond
Whose racist recruits have been conned.”

From where was this written?

26aa ”Our leader’s a narcissist blond America 1f1fa 1f1f8 ”Our leader’s a narcissist blond
26aa ”Our leader’s a narcissist blond Britain 1f1ec 1f1e7 ”Our leader’s a narcissist blond
1f518 ”Our leader’s a narcissist blond It’s true on both sides of the pond 1f937 200d 2640 fe0f ”Our leader’s a narcissist blond


Australian Classic

While pig shooting out on the bogan

I came across a dirty great big pig grogan

It was long brown and thin

With leathery skin

It looked like fucking Paul Hogan


The man from Overton

A South English Overton man
Embarked on a dastardly plan
He planted his tackle
In a poor duck’s cloacal
And pounded its anus to sand

The woman from the Azores

There once was a a girl from the Azores
Whose gash was covered in sores
All the dogs in the street
They would eat the green meat
That hung in festoons from her drawers

There once was a lady from Ealing

There once was a lady from Ealing
Who had an incredible feeling
She lay on her back
Opened her crack
And pissed up all over the ceiling


I frequently feel kind of sleazy

And oily and filthy and greasy

I wank and eat Cheetos

And Nacho Doritos

I guess that I’m easy for cheesy.


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