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In Westeros, where plots twist and turn

In Westeros, where plots twist and turn,
George RR Martin’s words, fans yearn.
But Hollywood’s embrace,
Brings a different pace,
As they stray, the fans start to discern.

Adaptations, they claim, need a tweak,
But George, with a sigh, starts to speak:
“They forsake what’s true,
For a new point of view,
And the essence they constantly seek.”

So heed the author’s wise advice,
Stick close to the source, don’t roll the dice.
For when trust is lost,
At a terrible cost,
The fans’ love turns to cold as ice.

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In Korea, a tale of dismay

In Korea, a tale of dismay,
Trash-filled balloons drift in the fray.
With each poop-filled flight,
It’s a smelly plight,
A situation, oh so cliche.

North’s antics, a stinky affair,
Sending dung through the crisp, clean air.
South’s patience wears thin,
As the odors begin,
A diplomacy gone beyond repair.

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In Louisiana’s bayou so deep

In Louisiana’s bayou so deep,
Extremists, in faith, take a leap.
Forcing kids to read,
Their beliefs, a creed,
Ignoring the law’s sacred keep.

With church and state meant to be parted,
Their actions leave many dishearted.
In textbooks, they preach,
Beyond their own reach,
Their agenda, the law has thwarted.

Yet still, they persist in their quest,
Ignoring what’s right, what’s best.
But the law stands firm,
Their zeal they must squirm,
For freedom demands this be addressed.

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